Apr 6, 2007

Jewish Holocaust Denial agenda for dummies - the ONE basic fact, explained first

To expose the "Jewish Holocaust Denial" agenda ONE basic fact is enough.

1The film "Holocaust", a series of 6 documentaries from 2000 by Guido Knopp, will not be broadcasted again, after the premiere in 2000.
Anyone that after watching this series would question "Was there really a Jewish Holocaust?" would be in a similar position to whoever would try to question if Earth is actually round.

The "Jewish Holocaust Denial" agenda
The "Jewish Holocaust Denial" agenda consists in denying that the Jews were victims of genocide at the hands of the nazis.
Interestingly in the current stage this is done by packaging this agenda as the opposite.
The theater "Deny the Holocaust and go to jail" is in fact part of the process of Denying the Holocaust.
Packaging the message as "black is white, day is night" fulfills both the third commandment of the illuminati religion and the BIG LIE framework. 
The more people will believe that the government is indeed fighting holocaust denial:
a) the more people will fail to understand that the government are in act nazis dressed in new clothes.
b) the less people will be able they to get the underlying psy-ops.
These go from suggesting that "if the government is afraid to discuss it then it must be true" to upscaling the "legalize terror" agenda, setting a precedent to jail people for expressing an opinion. 

Holocaust Denial Agenda - FAQ - directly related
If "the illuminati" had a plan in place to fool people into the denial of the holocaust then why is Ernst Zundel in jail right now?
Answered in link of article. There is NOBODY in jail for denying it. The head of this illuminati group of agents, David Irving, is being promoted by the illuminati media, including TV stations with plenty of interviews.

Why do I HAVE to read Anne Franks diary, AND take a whole course in Grade school about the halocaust?
As explained the illuminati are in the process of rewriting the Holocaust. It's a process, they don't change everything from one day to the other.
Holocaust Denial Agenda - FAQ - not directly related

Why is the number of 6 million STILL prevail in peoples mind when even the Jews themselves now officialy admit that the number is lower?
The number of people that were exterminated is NOT the issue at stake. It does not matter if it was three million or six million.
The psy-op work of rewriting History includes convincing people that questioning that number is part of exposing the holocaust as a hoax.
Note: diverting into the discussion of that number is also part of the psy-op work of "NO principles", i.e. convincing people that you can quantify a fundamental value that is above any numbers, in this case the value of human life. This is exactly what happens in the discussion of the maximum legal age for abortion: killing an embryo 90 days old is legal; killing an embryo 91 days old is murder. At least until the next legal revision. And BTW, that's where we enter again "upscale legal terror" territory, which is, as mentioned in article, one of the goals of the "Jewish Holocaust Denial" agenda.

"Holocaust", a series of 6 documentaries from 2000 by Guido Knopp
As of 2014:
Most Popular Titles with Adolf Hitler at IMDb: the exceptions by End Time Prophet Guido Knopp

"Deny the Holocaust and go to jail" hoax and the Legalize terror agenda

Mind control alias psy-op techniques: False comparisons: Hitler and Auschwitz constantly used by covert nazis. Examples

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