Apr 6, 2007

Holocaust of the Jews: The Big Lie vs. the The Simple Truth

Holocaust Denial Agenda - The Big Lie
Level 1: Churchill and Roosevelt did their best / could have done more to stop the Holocaust (currently the official illuminati History).
Level 2 (rewriting History starts here): the government is jailing Holocaust deniers.
Level 3: there were less than 6 million Jews so there was no Holocaust.
Level 4: Hitler had no specific agenda to exterminate the Jews.
Level 5: there were no gas chambers.
Level 6: there was no Holocaust.

Jewish Holocaust - The Simple Truth
- Churchill and Roosevelt did their best to put the Holocaust on track;
- millions of Jews (we can't tell exactly how many) were gassed and murdered otherwise to implement the "Exterminate the Jews" agenda, using the "Evil Jews scapegoat" mind control technique, officially propagated by the Nazis.
- the agenda to exterminate the Jews was not only a nazi agenda, it was a broader illuminati agenda, i.e. the gas chambers were being supervised by Churchill and Roosevelt, as plenty of historic proof (documents, footage) now can prove;
- the illuminati recently upscaled the "Holocaust Denial Agenda" using their web of disinformation, headed by David Irving;
- one of the mind control techniques used to upscale it: "Acceptance by Association / Refusal by Dissociation". This was implemented by staging the "Deny the Holocaust and go to jail" hoax using the "Contents vs. Package" Mind control Technique.
None of the agents of their Web of Disinformation was actually jailed for doing their job of denying the Holocaust.
Hoax is also used to advance into the final stages another illuminati agenda: "Legalizing Terror", in this case jailing people for simply expressing an opinion.

To get how the illuminati censored the Truth as it took place, start by how they do it NOW. 
To what lengths US / EU governments go to censor TRUTH about Auschwitz concentration camps and Holocaust: Guido Knopp milestone series from 2000 NEVER again broadcasted and beyond

The "Jewish Holocaust Denial" agenda: the ONE basic fact

archived May 2007

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