Apr 24, 2015

Fake trials 90 yrs nazi guards psy-op part of "Deny the holocaust" agenda.

Last Prophet adds to "Global mandatory vaccination v abortion, euthanasia and extermination camps":

Talk of camps, either the coming Walmarts or the "transit camps for migrants" with chimneys already releasing smoke:
They are both operated by the same entity producing this seroes:

Reminder of Last Prophet's words from Apr 24, 2015:

"Evil jews" agenda serves the "exterminate the jews" commandment of the illuminati religion. 
Adolf Hitler was the Illuminati Grand Master before, during and after World War II, his great nephew Alexander is the current Illuminati Grand Master.
He made Hitler's younger daughter become first woman chancellor of Germany and is about to Angela's half sister first woman president of the US since ... 2008 (actor Obama is about to be stripped, after his staged arrest on live TV).
Other productions by Alexander Adolf Hitler include:

Series of psy-ops advancing the agenda "Holohoax, holocaust is a hoax".
Goal: advance agendas from "Hitler was a hero" to "evil jews created the holohoax".
Three of these series, with the first two featuring 90+ old roles:
1. Holocaust survivors tell about their memories: Almost all holocaust survivors making headlines in recent years are actors casted in of this series of psy-ops.
Main goal: paint holocaust vicitims as fakes or liars.
2. Trials of 90 years nazi guards: the most recent, started only 2011. 
Main goal: paint butchers as victims.
3. Expose the holocaust as a hoax and be persecuted.
Main goal: suggest that what the "persecuted expose" must be true.

Fake trials of 90 years nazi guards
In 2011, illuminati launched yet another series of psy-ops to rewrite the jewish Holocaust.
Script with actors designed to have, for a start, illuminazi psy-ops "commenting": "93 years old and being tried for a 70 year old crime. Sheesh".
2015 April: This series is pushed to the limits by replacing a guard of people by a guard of books, the fragile gentle Auschwitz bookkeeper.
"News" choreographed to push to the limits the presentation of butchers as victims - see photos of the good old frail and peaceful Oskar Groenig, incapable of hurting a fly [1]
A "trial" that on one day alone got two and half hours non-stop "coverage" by the #1 member of illuminati's web of disinfo, Russia's TV channel RT [2].

Why the "nazi guards on trial" series only started in 2011
The first reason is obvious: the nazi guards finally reached the useful age for the psy-op.
First episode: "John Demjanjuk, convicted in 2011 in Germany as an accessory to the murder of 28,060 Jews while acting as a guard at the Sobibór extermination camp in occupied Poland".
Second reason; until 2011 German legal reasoning held that camp guards could only be prosecuted if there was specific evidence they committed a crime against a specific person.[3]

Launching the series also advances the legalize terror agenda
Before launching the "nazi guards on trial" series with actors the the illuminati finally removed the legal barriers used to justify until 2011 the impunity for nazis who had a leading position. 
No problem, because the series was to be staged with actors playing 90 years old.
On the other and as usual the move was to be used to advance other agendas, foremost the legalize terror agenda.
Example: applying this to people to be tried by the terror tool known as "International Court for War Crimes at the Hague".
On that stage everyone who is not an actor as Kenya's president Kenyatta, is also falsely accused.
In other words: it helps to smooth the acceptance for sentencing people without proof, as illustrated by Ivory Coast's former president Gbago, to take Africa again.

Who plays the star of the series, "93 year old Oskar Groening, who served at Auschiwtz"?
Note that as usual in these psy-ops different people are used to supposedly show the same person, as illustrated in first note [1].
What follows refers to this one [4].
The right moment to expose it will be next year, when the actor is supposed to celebrate his 90th birthday just after the Oscar awards.
Why? For not one but three major reasons, including the role's name Oskar and Pope Benedict.
As for the third reason, it combines the role'name and Leonardo di Caprio.
As I admit that you must be confused, here's an extra hint: reverse scripts.
More precisely the actor has a strong connection to this act from January 2015:
How illuminazis use agents "Putin" and Yatsenyuk to rewrite History - Only difference is the audience
Rewrite History: Yatseniuk: Soviet Union invaded Hitler's Germany: Berlin Milestone hours before the "Paris shooting" hoax

Expose the holocaust as a hoax and be persecuted
Example: the theater "HOLOCAUST memoir author was a LIAR and is ordered to repay £13.3 million!".
Both series are based on the same persecution mechanism (on trial) and both advancing the "deny the holocaust" agenda.
Yet the underlying mechanism works differently:
- nazi guards: dissociation; the image of old fragile guards contradicts the atrocities of nazi death camps.
- authors "exposing" the holoacaust as a hoax: logic: "if courts want to silence the authors then what they say must be true". 

Holocaust survivors tell about their memories
Staging episodes for this series starts by how the actors look like.
In fact some episodes resume to one photo "documenting" episodes of other series of psy-ops.
This is illustrated by each and every photo of "Holocaust survivors attending the trial of Auschwitz bookkeeper Oskar Groenig".
Mockery pushed to the extreme: [5] 
- death cammp rewritten as birth camp: "Witness Angela Orosz-Richt, born in Auschwitz"
- note the deliberately obvious hairdo, to suggest a fake by association.
[1] April 21, 2015 - Ex-Nazi 'bookkeeper of Auschwitz' asks for 'forgiveness'

[2] RT Ruptly LIVE: ‘Bookkeeper of Auschwitz’ goes on trial in Germany, broadcast starts at 3:05.

[3] April 20, 2015 - SS 'accountant of Auschwitz' going on trial in Germany
In 2011 prosecutors won an accessory-to-murder conviction against Demjanjuk under the theory that since the sole purpose of a death camp was murder, anyone who could be proven to have served there could be found guilty of being an accessory.
The verdict was not legally binding because Demjanjuk, who steadfastly maintained he had never been a camp guard, died in 2012 before his appeals could be heard. But the special federal prosecutors office that investigates Nazi crimes launched dozens of new probes on that basis.

[4] Who is this actor?

[5] Holocaust survivors psy-op illustrated with the secondary roles in the cast of the key episode in the related series "Trials of SS guards":

Leonardo di Caprio oscar script at the end of the show, exposed by Last Prophet

To get how the illuminati censored the Truth as it took place, start by how they do it NOW. 
To what lengths US / EU governments go to censor TRUTH about Auschwitz concentration camps and Holocaust: Guido Knopp milestone series from 2000 NEVER again broadcasted and beyond

How illuminazis use agents "Putin" and Yatsenyuk to rewrite History - Only difference is the audience
Rewrite History: Yatseniuk: Soviet Union invaded Hitler's Germany: Berlin Milestone hours before the "Paris shooting" hoax

Psy-ops in nazi EU, starting with Germany, to demonize refugees and non-whites in general: ongoing in Israel for DECADES now, to demonize jews.
From the arsenal of suicide bomber Netanyahu:
Aug 2015 - FAKE blood: gays and palestinian baby burned alive by evil orthodox jews, settlers
FAKE attacks staged by Israeli gov, all nazi agents, to demonize jewish settlers, orthodox jews and arrest patriots while diverting from reality.

Global mandatory vaccination v abortion, euthanasia and extermination camps:

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